Nicholas Mordecai

Wales, United Kingdom

Personal Statement

I am a very self-motivated, keen and enthusiastic person. I respond well to challenges, responsibility and obstacles. I easily to adapt to any new circumstances and thrive of learning new programming concepts and techniques.

Employment History

Location Sciences - Senior Fullstack DeveloperFebruary 2018 - Ongoing

Location Sciences is a data-driven company and who provide varying levels of insights. I am currently building a bespoke responsive dashboard with typescript, handlebars, NodeJS, express, mysql. The project also requires some impressive charts and visualisations which is taken care of with third party modules like D3.js and Chart.js. As the lead developer, I’m responsible for project management, task managing & resource delegation, liaising with the data scientists and CTO to ensure the product is fulfilling all required aspects.

Mrs Wordsmith - Senior Fullstack DeveloperSeptember 2017 - Ongoing

As the lead frontend developer at MWS Wordsmith, my daily tasks varied greatly. We have development and production servers (AWS) with ruby on rails, at least 6 nodejs servers running all sorts of tasks. I’m running a private git-core server for our codebase, Jira & Confluence and a plethora of other techs. The frontend shop is in hosted with Shopify, though all payments are done via ChargeBee. Maintaining all the aspects is quite exciting and certainly keeps me on my toes. Alongside the ecommerce aspect, there is a machine learning department that I work with do build interfaces and dashboard allowing them and the teams at the head office to utilize the tools we create. As of late, I have been working directly with the Machine Learning team, providing a bespoke interface for their in house curriculum team to query and access data the machine learning team have built.

Glück Games - Lead Frontend Games DeveloperMarch 2016 - September 2017

As a frontend html5 games developer, I am heavily focused on performance, device compatibility and UI. As well as producing games, I am also responsible for developing all the frontend middleware for the company. I started building components that would be re-usable across all of our games. However there were clear flaws with the game engine we were using for our tech stack. So I took the initiative to start developing a new game engine from the ground up. This is now being incorporated with the centralised components to allow all the developers, both internal and external to use the game engine and library of ‘plugins’. I was also responsible for building the automation tools for production and continuous integration.

Microcosm Games Ltd - Fullstack Games DeveloperFebruary 2015 - March 2016

Demanding a very extensive skill set, I grew very quickly with the company who specialized in building Facebook applications and games. I was responsible for managing all the technical development of the projects as well as designing and developing the product. During this role, I utilized my skills in SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Linux Shell, Networking and many more. In an attempt to modernize the company, I built NodeJS servers to benefit the applications connectivity and user experience. I also took on responsibility of managing their sister companies technical assets.

Epitiro Ltd - Systems Engineer and Cloud ServicesMarch 2014 - February 2015

Employed as a vital member of an operations team, my responsibilities varied every day from writing SQL queries, Perl / Bash scripts, Linux sys admin, onsite server maintenance and repairs, website frontend and backend construction, SAN and all office related administration (Active Directory, VOIP etc). I was also responsible for maintaining a good relationship with all our clientele, including all support issues, change requests and roadmap.

CGI - Technical AnalystMay 2013 - October 2013

As an employee at CGI I was given a fantastic opportunity for me to further my professional and personal skills. I excelled in the technical environment given my computer background and very quickly became a key member of my team. My roles included supporting the client’s staff with any and all technical issues and problems, call logging, assigning tasks, monitoring task process and updating the client.