• Nicholas Mordecai
    Software Engineer
  • ES6, Typescript, Node.js,
  • Design & Development
    Games Development
    Software Development
    Website Development


With 3 years of experience using Typescript, I thoroughly enjoy improving code quality through type saftey.


Ecommerce, analytical data, web crawling, currency tracking, server monitors, CMS, CRM's and more, all built in NodeJS.

Restful API

Utalising NodeJS, Express & API Doc, I have a passion for producing fast, secure and stable restful api's.


Almost 10 years of collective experience with MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL, mongoDB and Oracle OOP DB's.

HTML5 / JavaScript

It's been more than 11 years since I first started writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the beginnings of web-dev

Testing & CI

Continious integration, unit tests, automated load testing, uptime monitoring and error reporting.

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