Hi, I’m Nick, and I’ll keep this brief!

I don’t want just another tech blog, there’s already enough of those, and one of them is mine. The purpose of this, is to blog about all things programming related from a very personal perspective. Sure, I’ll write code snippets, how to’s, tutorials, walk-throughs etc. But they won’t be because of SEO or massing huge quantities of content. Instead, I will be posting articles as I implement things in real life, with real life problems, solutions and often, real world errors.
I have a real passion for programming and in the last 10 years, (wow, that went fast!) I’ve become familiar with quite a few little do’s and don’ts. Psychological pitfalls, helping workflow and all other walks of life in this industry. I think it’s very important to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle besides coding, which too me many years to work out myself. So I guess that, in a nutshell, is what I’d like to talk about.
I don’t have a support or paetron page, so just read away!

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